Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro

Wendel's Bakery Timeline

The story of Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro
  • 2004 Wendel's Tienmu Flagship Store Grand Opening!
  • 2010 Going downtown- Wendel's Daan Branch Grand Opening
  • 2011 Modern Wendel's Lit up Neihu
  • 2013 Wendel's Daan Branch Expend
History of Wendel's Bakery & Bistro
Back in 1996, there was no traditional German bakery in Taiwan, however, the brand founder noticed the potential for a German Bakery in Taiwan. After about 4 years’ estimation, the brand founder decided to open the first German Bakery named Wendel's Baekerei & Café,which was located on Section 6 of Zhongshan North Road. After 5 years of operation, Wendel's Bakery & Bistro moved to new premises and opened a Bistro with a nice Beer-Garden.

As more and more people fall in love with healthy German bread & pastry, and authentic delicacies, in 2010, Wendel’s goes to downtown. The Da An Branch is said to be the most exquisite bakery in town and the nostalgic deco WOWed the customers. But this is not just yet. In 2011, the Neihu Branch was opened and is located in the very heart of Neihu Technology Park, like an oasis, provides spacious and cozy atmosphere, open kitchen, high ceilings, splendid view of the greens, it sure announce the new generation of Wendel's- modern chic and urban casual. Here, Wendel’s continue to provide baked goods from bread and cake to flammkuchen also pizza and of course our signature dishes- sausages, haxen and schnitzels all day long.

Nowadays, Wendel's has become a well-known German Bakery & Bistro in Taiwan praised by their most-valued customers, gastronomes and the press. In the future, Wendel’s will provide not only authentic German cuisines and breads but also tasty European dishes.
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The outstanding team specialized in European cuisine

Normally, every new dish’s launch in Wendel’s takes at least three months. It has to check again and again by our team in order to make sure all the fresh local food materials can make perfect combination with authentic taste. That is why we team up with over 50 kitchen members and a foreign operations director who has over 35 years’ experience in restaurant industry in our three branches.

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Our Philosophy
Wendel's makes everything from the scratch. Our bread, cakes, stocks and sauces, are made by wendel's professional chefs everyday on site. Not only our signature dishes are prepared this way, the side kicks for example-the mashed potatoes, the stock, the onion sauces, the pizza dough, even the Panini bread etc., are made by ourselves. It is these small things, that matters, and define who we are.
Based on love for exploring gourmet food, Wendel’s will maintain rigorous and delicate attitude to launch every item we serve to pleasure our customers. 

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