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  • Online bookings will be open only three days in advance. Reservations within three days can be directly confirmed with Tianmu Bistro or Daan Division by phone call.
Sweet Gingerbread House Decorating Class
In the 19th century,《Hansel and Gretel (German: Hänsel und Gretel)》, a Christmassy fairytale written by Brothers Grimm in Germany, made its sensation after being adapted into an opera by a famous composer. In the fairytale, the house that was built with gingerbread, chocolate and frosting by the witch has become the model of modern gingerbread house. Assembling Gingerbread Houses has become a feature activity that brings out the natural creativity in children on Christmas as well. This year, besides enjoying flavorful Christmas turkey with our family, Wendel’s welcomes all the parents and kids to build your own Gingerbread Houses as well as to spend a special Christmas here with us.
Food & Wine Pairing at Wendel’s
Order one of the designated meals with one random glass of Wendel's House Red/ House White with 125 millimeters each & get the other same one for free.
Wendel's Seasonal Turkey Package
Save the burden, Spice up Enjoy your turkey feast prepared by the pros, Wendel's Winter Turkey is marinated in our secret herbs and spices for 2 days then slowly cooked to perfection in the oven to ensure its juiciness and crispiness, finally served with a series of fulfilling side dishes and our homemade desserts! What are you waiting for?
Be a Wendel's Friend!!!
Apply for a Wendel's friendship card for $100 in branch, can get bonus 500 points, for every dollar you spend, you get one reward point. Promotion only valid on site.
Have Fun Chasing the Moon & Polish Up Appealing Memories.
In the year of 2022, Wendel's chose a brighter & more vivid tone as the primary hue for our Moon Festival Gift Box- Chasing the Moon. We expect those who receive the special gifts are able to own a lighthearted mood. The contents of Chasing the Moon included Wendel's Snow Flake as well as six kinds of eye-catching homemade biscuits.
Mother's Day Cakes are now available at Wendel's!
Good news from Wendel's! Don't let your chance slip away! Preorder and prepay the specified 6 or 8-inch Mother’s Day cakes by 4/29 with in-store pick-up date during 5/1-5/8! Wendel's gives away cash coupon worth NT$100!
How to Store your Bread
How to Keep our Bread Fresh. BUY IT DAILY FRESH !!! if this is not possible we have some tips for you…
Take Home Chef !
Are you hosting a business lunch? A birthday party? Or even an intimate dinner for two that just has to be the best? Choose Wendel’s CaterWonder ® and take home Wendel’s Chef !
Parties @ Wendel's
At Wendels, the landscape is your top priority to hold your dream wedding, important corporate event, birthdays, press conference, or any occasion that requires a professional touch.
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