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  • Online bookings will be open for reservations after 3 days. Reservations within three days can be directly confirmed with Tianmu Bistro or Daan Division by phone call.
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Apply for a Wendel's friendship card for $100 in branch, can get bonus 500 points, for every dollar you spend, you get one reward point. Promotion only valid on site.
Gâteau Macadamia
Introducing Gâteau Macadamia, a delightful Hawaiian nut cake that's both refreshing & tasty. With its sleek appearance, the round cake is covered in uneven crème Chantilly, featuring a plump, curved cream swirl at the center as the visual highlight, adorned with green table grapes, candied orange slices & red currants. Its taste is refreshing and smooth, boasting the rich aroma of diplomat cream and the abundance of macadamia nut fragrance. Paired with a soft chiffon cake base, it's never overly sweet, perfect for consumers who enjoy clean flavors and visually appealing treats.
Berry Cheese Duet
Introducing Wendel's latest handcrafted party cake: "Berry Cheese Duet." This delightful treat features smooth whipped cream, soft vanilla chiffon cake, and a charming cheese Chantilly piping layer. Between the layers lies a tangy mixed berry jam, expertly balanced with the rich cheesecake flavor, ensuring it's not overly sweet. Finished with a crispy biscuit base, it delivers a refreshing taste, ideal for berry enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of flavors without overwhelming sweetness.
Welcome to Wendel's, where food & wine selection ease life's burdens!
Hey there! It's been a while! When was the last time you had a good meal amidst this hectic life?Exciting news! Wendel’s fresh menu and wine list are ready to dazzle your taste buds once more. Come on over to Wendel’s, where delightful dishes and carefully selected wines are here to help you unwind and refresh from the daily grind.
Red Velvet
"Indulge in Red Velvet: Merging Silkiness on Your Palate" Wendel’s Red Velvet, with its generous use of cream & fresh milk, offers a moist & velvety texture. The layers are intertwined with cream cheese mousse, which strikes a perfect balance between the slight tanginess of cream cheese & Italian balsamic vinegar as well as the sweetness of the cake itself. A touch of cocoa powder adds a enchanting aroma to the whole cake.
European-style Sandwich Combo
Artistic & Unique Fusion of Classic Bun & European Ingredients—Wendel's "Sandwich Combo"
How to Store your Bread
How to Keep our Bread Fresh. BUY IT DAILY FRESH !!! if this is not possible we have some tips for you…
Take Home Chef !
Are you hosting a business lunch? A birthday party? Or even an intimate dinner for two that just has to be the best? Choose Wendel’s CaterWonder ® and take home Wendel’s Chef !
Parties @ Wendel's
At Wendels, the landscape is your top priority to hold your dream wedding, important corporate event, birthdays, press conference, or any occasion that requires a professional touch.
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