Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro

Terms and Conditions
1. The Membership Card is valid at all Wendel’s branches and is not transferable.
2. Please present the Membership Card before ordering to enjoy the benefits of the membership.
3. If found, please return the Card to any of our branch.
4. NT$100 handling charge for reissuance of this Card.
5. For more information please visit our website: http://www.wendels-bistro.com
6. Consumptions generated from special packages, ie. Caterings, Functions, Banquets, Weddings and Wedding Cookies shall not be transferred to Membership Bonus Points.
7. Consumptions settled by vouchers or coupons shall not be transferred to Membership Bonus Points.
8. We reserve the right to alter or terminate the services of membership.
Customer Service Hotline: 02-2834-5009
How to Store your Sweet & Savoy bread from Wendel's?
Sweet & Savory Bread
Keep in the fridge and finish your bread within 2 days .
for more detailed information please check our website or ask our staffs

  • It's okay if you don't have any oven or toaster. You can put your bread in automatic cooker & steamer without adding any water.
  • Do not put your bread in the microwave or it will become first very soft and then stiff and dry.
Wendel's bakery products are all 100% natural.
We do not add any addictives and preservatives.
Please follow the instruction above to ensure the good quality of your bread.
How to Store your Traditional Loafs & Crisp Rolls?
Traditional Loafs and Crisp Rolls
Step 1
Don't store your bread in the fridge. It will get stale easily. Please store it in the freezer in an air tight Freezer bag in small portions. It can be stored for 4 weeks.
when you like to eat it…

Step 2
For sliced bread, please put it in the toaster. We don’t recommend the oven for it will dry out very easily.

For whole bread loafs, if you like them crispy after defrosting them, you can bake it in a preheated oven at 200 degree for about 5 mins.

Wendel's bakery products are all 100% natural.
We do not add any addictives and preservatives.
Please follow the instruction above to ensure the good quality of your bread.

Notification for exclusive offers
Notifications for exclusive offers, seasonal specials, new product launches, product tasting events, etc. will be sent to members. Please provide and update your cell phone number and email address to ensure that all the messages will reach you.
Member birthday gift
Members who celebrate their birthday at Wendel’s will receive a 10% discount on any 6/8 inch cake or a 6 inch cake if a reservation is made at Wendel’s Bistro in advance.(Only for dine in consuming over $3,000)
How to redeem bonus points?
Please present the Card before checking-out. Bonus points accumulated can be redeemed for the products listed in the announcement the next time you purchase at Wendel's.
NT $1 = 1 bonus point
Please present the Membership Card to enjoy the benefits of Membership (online orders not included).
NT$1 = 1 bonus point. All points accumulated will be expired on 12/31 the next year.
I've canceled my order, can I get my bonus points back?
We will need around 1-2 business days. 
When will I receive bonus points?
After we've confirmed your order and when we've reiceved your order! 
How to change the delivery or pick up date for my ordeR?
Please go to "Contact Us" at the bottom of our webpage and send us your request!
I want to track my package.
Wendel's Online Shop cooperates with Black Cat. Please call 412-8888 (add 02 if you are using a cell phone) to track your package. 
How to enjoy a frozen party cake?
After you receive your frozen cake, we suggest you put the cake in the fridge over night or in room temperature for at least two hour before enjoy the cake. 
Why can't I click Frozen Delivery during check out?
It is possible that your shopping bag contains items that cannot be shipped by frozen delivery.
Why can't I click Chill Delivery during check out?
It is possible that your shopping bag contains items that can only be shipped by frozen delivery.  
Why can't I click Ambient Delivery during check out?
It is possible that your shopping bag contains items that can only be shipped by chill or frozen, 
I can't not choose delivery/ pick-up date.
Please confirm you had already chosen your shipping method! 
I didn't receive any vertification letter.
If you've waited over 5 minutes and did not recieve any vertification letter, it might be possible that your mail server doesn't like us.=(
But if you would still like to be one of our insiders, feel free to leave your account (cell phone number), and name to our Inquiry. 
We will fix it ASAP. 
Wendel's Account
Bank Account:
Sunny Bank, Lanya Branch
Account No.: 00942-001881-3
Account Name: Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro
How to use bonus points?
Wendel's Bonus Points Equals Cash!

How to earn Bonus Points?
Get 10 Bonus Point for every $ 200 spent in our Online Boutique!  

What does 1 Bonus Point Stands For?
1 Bonus Points Equals $ 1! 

How to check how many Bonus Points I have?
Login to your account, and everything is there! 

Beside by purchasing Wendel's Goddies to earn bonus points, how can I get more?
Write down reviews for our products, join our online events or fill in our survey to earn more! We also will prepare bonus points for birthday girls and boys! 

1. If any returns occurs, we will deduct the bonus points that comes with the order.
2. Bonus Points are not available in our branches.

Can I pick up my order at any of Wendel's branches?
Of Course!
You sure can pick up your order at any of our branches without extra shipping fee.
Please remember to select your pick up date and time, also the branch you would like to pick up when you check out. 
Can my order be shipped to other island in the Taiwan Area?
An item through www.wendels-bakery.com we can ship to virtually any address in Taiwan. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and that some products cannot be shipped, so be sure to check with us if we are able to ship your product. Some products can be shipped only conditional. Ask our shop for further details on which products can be shipped easy.
What are the shipping methods and the shipping fee?
Delivery Time Estimate 
When you place an order, based on the availability of your items and the shipping option you choose, we will need approximatley four business days.
If you place your order and paid on 1/1, and chose either standard or chill/ frozen delivery, we will ship it on 1/4, you will get your goodies on 1/5.

Shipping Cost :
Shipping costs for orders from Wendel's Online Boutique will be charged per regular per-shipment fee.
*Standard Shipment Cost:$160 per-shipment fee.
*Chill temp/Frozen Shimpent Cost:$240 per-shipment fee.
*Pick Up at Branches: FREE

*Free shipping for purchase over $2,000 !!
Can I modify my order once it is sent out?
If your order status is Processing, you would not be able to modify your order. 
If your order status is "Order Recieved", then you would be to change your order. 

or if you have any questions, let us know @ shop@wendels-bistro.com or 02-2834*5009*111
    How can I view the status of my order?
    Step 1:
    Login to your account. 

    Setp 2:

    Click on History Order, and you can check your order status!
    What are the payment method?
    We offer the following payment method: Credit Card, ATM, Online ATM, Convenience Store Code, and Virtual Account.
    I forget my registered email address.
    How to be a Wendeler?
    Step 1
    Your cell phone number is your account number! (Easy to remember right?) 
    Fill in your basic info then press register.

    Step 2
    Go to your registered email, press the vertification letter from our website, and tada!, from now on you are one of us and get bonus points for every purchase!

    Be aware that your cell phone number can be only used once.
    Therefore, if you changed your number, or if you have any questions, please call 02-2834-5009*108 or 111。

    Contact Us